The article focuses on the axiological aspects of consciousness under conditions
of the development of contemporary media culture and e-culture. Relying on theories of mediaphilosophy
the author considers the media as a main factor of the determination of human
value in the information society.
The research is aimed at eliciting the peculiarities of modern media culture in the context of an
existential and axiological approach that enables the determination of the effect the development
of the mediasphere in modern culture has on the world of human values. In this case, media
(mediasphere) is understood in its broad sense as a sphere of electronic communication with
diverse forms of appearance and electronic mass media, generating the global information
space. The author suggests the analysis of the penetration of communication e-culture (and
its forms) and media-culture. The author argues that the values of media-culture (freedom,
personality orientation, pragmatism, and other) developed under the conditions of information
and ethic pluralism, which give a person more responsibility of spiritual choice.

Keywords: values, existential axiology, media-culture, e-culture, freedom, personality