Baeva Liudmila

Full Professor, Doctor of Philosophy, Dean of Department of Social Communication, Professor of Chair of Philosophy of Astrakhan State University

Author of over 200 scientific articles and 6 monographs. Research interests focus on the field of axiology, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of media, e-culture and the study of the information society issues. Member of the Russian Philosophical Society and the Russian Political Science Association, member of editorial board of the international journal “Socioloska luca: Journal of Social Anthropology, Social Demography & Social Psychology” (Montenegro), the international journal “The Caspian Region: Economics, Politics and Culture” (Russian), Journal “Philosophical Problems of Information Technologies and Cyberspace” (Russia).  Member of World Congress of Philosophy in Istanbul, Seoul, Athens.

  • 1991 had Diploma of Astrakhan State University, specialty “History and Low”
  • Since 1991 – Assistant Lecturer of Chair of Philosophy of Astrakhan State University
  • 1998 – defence of the PH.D. “Spiritual Basis of Civilization” (09.00.09 – Social Philosophy).
  • 1998 – Lecturer of Chair of Philosophy of Astrakhan State University.
  • 2004 – defence of Doctor thesis “Existentional Nature of Values” (09.00.13 -Philosophical Anthropology).
  • 2005 -VisitingProfessor of Philosophy at Moscow State Technical University named Bauman
  • Since 2006 (for NT) – Dean of the Department of Social Communication of Astrakhan State University
  • Since 2006 – 2015 Head of Chair of Philosophy of Astrakhan State University
  • 2007 – Participant of the traineeship-program of the International EF College (London, GB)
  • 2007 –VisitingProfessor of Philosophy of Hainan University, (China).
  • 2009 – Participant of the traineeship-program “Higher Education in the United  States” in Clark University (Worcester, Massachusetts and New York City,  USA)
  • 2009 – Diploma holder of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, for the project “Innovative textbook “Philosophy”.
  • 2011 – Participant of the German traineeship-program “Management of Innovation” (Moscow, MIRBIS)
  • 2011 – Visiting Professor ofSouth-Kazakhstan State University named Auezov, Shymkent, Kazakhstan.
  • 2013 – Participant of the traineeship-program “The Quality of Education” (Tokyo, Japan).
  • Since 2015 – member of the expert Councilof the Higher Attestation Commission of Philosophy and Sociology  at the Ministry of education and science


Projects and funding

  1. The Russian Foundation for the Humanities, 2004 “The Phenomenon of Consciousness: the Integral Vision”

2 . The Russian Foundation for the Humanities, 2004, “Astrakhan in the Beginning of the 21st Century: Social and Cultural Regionalism

3 . The Russian Foundation for the Humanities, 2005, “A New Paradigm of Religious Consciousness”

4 . Grant of the President of the Russian Federation for young scientists – Doctors of science “Transformation of Values ??in the Information Age”


5 . Analytical departmental target program for 2005-2006, the project “The Mechanism of Tolerance Consciousness Formation”.


  1. The Russian Foundation for the Humanities, 2008-2009, “The Philosophy of Pacifism and Extremist Youth Movements : Axiological , Historical, Cultural, and Ethical Analysis”
  2. Analytical departmental target program for 2007-2008, “Intellectual and Philosophical Tradition of the Astrakhan Region”.
  3. Federal Target Program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation 2010-2013, the project “The Preservation of Cultural Heritage in a Multicultural Region”.
  4. The Russian Foundation for the Humanities 2011 project “Socio-Anthropogenesis in the Development of Modern High-Tech: Axiological, Socio-Cultural, and Gender Analysis”.
  5. The Russian Foundation for the Humanities, 2011, project “Ethics and Culture of Tolerance”.

11 . Federal Target Program of the Ministry of Education and Science, 2012-2013,  project “Falsification of the Political History of Ideological Confidence in the Reliability of Scientific”.

  1. Analytical departmental Target Program for 2012-2014 “Problems of Preservation of Cultural Security of the Caspian Region”.
  2. The Russian Foundation for the Humanities, 2014-2016, project “Virtualization of modern culture”

Expert activity

  1.  The expert of the Federal Scientist Research Consulting Center (Moscow) for planning of studies for 2014-2020 in the thematic area “Humanitarian Issues of Innovative Development.”
  2. The expert of Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation.
  3. The expert of the Higher School of Economics – Russian State University
  4. The expert of Russian Scientist Foundation

Scientist works

In English

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Baeva L.V. Values of Information Age: Role of Education // 2nd EMUNI Conference on Higher Education and Research Internationalisation and the Role of University (25–26 September 2009). – Portoro?, Slovenia.

Baeva L.V. Values of Age of Pluralism // Best philosophical ideas improve Humanity // World philosophical forum //

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Baeva L.V. , Romanova A.P. Challenges to Frontier Allegories: the Caspian Sea Region in Southern Russia. Cultura International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology: 2015  Volume > 12 > Issue: 1 Pp.159-172

       In Croatian 

Baeva L.V. Sistem vrijednosti omladine „epohe promjena“: ruski pogled (preveo Radoje Golovi?) // Socioloska luca № 1/2 GoreGodina I broj 2007. Izdava?i Filozofski fakultet Nik?i?. Studijski program za sociologiju. Dru?tvo sociologa Crne Gore, Montenegro,с.67-81

Л. Бајева. Електронска култура: покушај    фиолософске  анализе // ЗЕНИТ: Магазин за уметност, науку и философију Белград: Конрас  2014 № 9. с. 34-40 – на серб.яз.