Encyclopedia of
Information Science
and Technology, Fourth

Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
Information Resources Management Association, USA

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Existential Aspects of the Development E-Culture

Liudmila Vladimirovna Baeva (Astrakhan State University, Russia)


This paper is devoted to the study of a new information age phenomenon – the electronic culture. The author introduces the philosophical analysis of electronic culture, its definition, characteristic features and functions within the society. The purpose of the article is justification theory electronic culture as a special “third nature” generated by human creativity and information technology. The article described existential aspects of the formation of e-culture. E-culture gives human beings new ways to solve existential problems (death, desolation, not liberty, relations with strange ones, and ethical choice), forming in this regard new dependences and risks for person. First of all, Internet-dependence refers to such risks. It enhances “existential vacuum”, axiological disorientation in real sphere; deformation of interpersonal communication essence with the virtualization of its sensual and emotional aspects; appearance of new freedom forms of personality ethical choice, generated by virtual interaction.